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Sky News keeping their 2m distance as CEO Steve McManus gives them guided tour of the 40 unit en suite staff accommodation for the RBH’s hard working healthcare teams. The first ‘guests’ check in tonight for some well earned R&R after a busy day on the wards.

Visions Group leads team of #eventprofs to create temporary NHS staff village @visionsgroup @CabooseandCo #NHSThankYou #eventsuppliers #eventinfrastructure #eventnews #eventprofsuk

Its nearly all ready for action, a solution to make the job of the NHS easier in this challenging time. We have been honoured to support our local community, just a mile from our offices #ThankYouNHS #community #rdguk #operationalsupport #operationalplanning #eventsupport

Berkshire Live@berkshire_live

Staff will be able to recharge before heading back to the frontline @RBNHSFT #rdguk #NHSheroes

To be able to use our skillset and resources to help our local community and frontline NHS staff at this time is rewarding. Accomdation/welfare turned around in hours to make the NHS job a little bit easier #NHSThankYou #infrastructure #contingencyplanning #emergencyplanning

Steve McManus@CEO_RoyalBerks

I also wanted to say a huge THANKYOU to colleagues @visionsgroup @SarahVisions who have been superb in support of @RBNHSFT to get our staff village accommodation on site so quickly. You’ve been amazing!

Since 2003, our infrastructure arm we have been contingency partners for police forces, investigation branches and airports working in operational requirements or scenario capacity.
NHS we are here to help-Any NHS authority 24/7-07771 665200

#resilience #emergenyinfrastructure

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