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Calling upon our years of experience serving events and emergency situations of all shapes and sizes we are now best placed to assist you with your infrastructure design. We can help you to plan all aspects of your event from AV hire, to power, trackway, marquees and network solutions.


We can provide uninterrupted Wi-Fi, VoIP, networking solutions, CCTV, IT equipment and PDQ solutions. Working inside and out with either hard-line connections or using the latest satellite technology.

Whether its a conference, sporting event, exhibition, open day or outdoor public event, we can provide you with a networking and IT solution. For the past few years we have been creating networks and delivering bandwidth within events.

People need to connect, and you can’t always rely on telephone services for data on site. Therefore, an ever-greater need for robust WiFi systems using bandwidth from either a hard-line connection or satellite system has become necessary. We have invested in renowned, high quality infrastructure to build upon and have effective satellite systems ready to deploy at a moment’s notice.


Need help planning if, where and when you will require trackway at your event or emergency response action? Talk to our experienced team.


We are the preferred emergency response partner for Heathrow Airport and Thames Valley Response for all event related emergency actions whether that be additional heating for T5 during the winter months, temporary marquees to assist with passenger loading or security trackway and marquees for a state visit or royal wedding!

We are adept at responding to emergency calls and can quickly put into place an action plan that solves our clients issues within a matter of hours.


Through our sister company Meridian Marquees we are able to assist our clients with best practice with regards to marquee structure design, layout and hire. Talk to our team of experts about your event and your marquee requirements and they can work with you to design the best possible layout and look and feel.


Let us take care of your event power, whether it be for an outdoor event such as a festival or show, indoor event including conferences, awards dinner, exhibition or party – in fact any event that needs to incorporate power either from the mains or a generator we can manage it for you. Click here to find out more.

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