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Friendly, creative, multi-skilled, knowledgeable.

We truly have the best of the industry working at Visions. With our energetic management and operational style, we provide services to a wide range of clientele; from blue chip companies to public sector, or private individuals.

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visions group live events Live Events

We’re here to enhance your event – whether it be a conference, awards dinner, charity event, exhibition, or party our creative experts will become part of your team in order to understand what your goals are so that we can help you to deliver them. You name it, no idea will sound too crazy to us! We have been a part of world firsts, multi-country events, what was first thought impossible, even down to being the first company to technically produce an event in a new venue we can deliver it.

visions group powerPower

Let us take care of your event power, whether it be for an outdoor event such as a festival or show, indoor event including conferences, awards dinner, exhibition or party – in fact any event that needs to incorporate power either from the mains or a generator we can manage it for you – including the ever so important BS7909 sign-off for temporary events. You name it, we can do it! With an extensive stock of power distribution equipment, cable, ancillary lighting, emergency lighting and generator equipment, we are well placed to manage projects of all sizes.

visions group print solutions Print Solutions

If you need print for any event – be it a conference, awards dinner, charity event or private party, using Visions Print in tandem with our parent company, can offer a more cost-effective solution for you. Our in-house printers that can handle both small or large format print on various materials. We don’t shy away from all requests, if you think it’s a challenge we are more than happy to see what we can do for you.

visions group media solutions Media Solutions

We are live video production experts. Our in-house team of media professionals can create stunning presentations, animations or video, to compliment any event. We collaborate with you and work together to create the best-fit solution. Whether it’s a live event or creating video content for DVD, web cast or relay screens, our video production services can be tailored to meet your needs.

visions group networks Infrastructure

For many years we have assisted London Heathrow Airport and the Thames Valley Police with event infrastructure support which includes everything from marquee structure design and layout, temporary trackway solutions, temporary internet network access and power solutions. Whether these solutions are required as part of a planned event or exercise or required in response to an emergency situation the team at Visions will work with you to understand your brief before designing the optimum solution at the best price possible.

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