Covid-19 – Studio and Streaming Service

We at Visions Group are the experts in live event streaming and webcasting. We cover everything from content
consultancy to internet/connectivity surveys, talent management and training. Not to mention the actual
technical delivery on event day either onsite or in one of our studios located in Manchester or Reading.

Are your clients making noises about cancelling conferences, live events or meetings in light of the current
virus uncertainty? Do you want to be able to offer them another option to avoid complete cancellation? Or are
you expecting reduced numbers at an existing event due to travel concerns?

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You’d be surprised at how affordable it can be to stream your event on a secure platform, with viewer metrics
and advanced features such as Q&A and remote contributors.

We’ve successfully delivered hundreds of live streams for banks, finance houses, pharma and technology clients
– and we have a unique understanding of how to deliver quality content reliably – particularly in the high
pressure corporate space.

The days of unreliable streams and substandard viewing experiences are over, streaming now represents a real
alternative to “being there”. We take care of the entire process from start to finish, representing a real value add
for your clients.

Please get in touch, either by email or give us a call – 0870 042 2602, with anything you feel we may be able to
help you with, we are specialists in short notice, high profile requirements and are used to working in time sensitive environments.

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